4D Youth Application

Application for those interested in attending the Youth 4D training sessions.


  • What is the 4 Directions Development Program?

    Designed for individuals working in tribal communities, 4D supports the development of emerging leaders who would like to increase their knowledge and skills and have a greater impact in their tribal communities.

  • What does the 4D Program involve?

    4D participants attend 4 retreat-style sessions to complete the program. The first session focuses on our program structure (how the program works), leadership styles, traditional leadership, lateral violence and self-care. At the first session, participants also identify areas they would like to develop such as public speaking, grant writing, financial education, networking, problem solving or conflict resolution skills. PWNA customizes the remaining sessions based on the identified needs of the participants.

  • Is there a cost to attend the 4D sessions?

    All program costs, as well as food, lodging and travel, are covered by Partnership With Native Americans. All candidates must commit to attend and participate in all aspects of the program. All candidates are required to submit a 4D application, which PWNA uses to select the final program participants. In addition to in-group sessions, all participants are paired with a Key Leader/mentor who will support your individual progress throughout the program.